International engineering and technology management summit 2021

トルコ・イスタンブールで開催される,International Engineering and Technology Management Summit 2021に,博士課程学生のPorruthai Boonswasdさんと参加します.





Porruthai Boonswasd and Kunio Shirahada

Revealing trends in telemedicine technology using patent analysis


Following the Covid-19 pandemic, several healthcare providers pushed Telemedicine-based services to minimize direct contact between medical staffs and patients. Therefore, telemedicine-related businesses have high growth opportunities. Transforming businesses from opportunities seen through innovation will provide a competitive advantage. The intellectual property is commonly used to indicate innovative and technological capabilities. This article discusses the insights gained from a study of patents related to telemedicine technologies. The purpose of the study is to identify technology trends and global future R&D trends in telemedicine by conducting a patent analysis in the period of 2002-2021. We discovered that the latest year's patents are involved the integration of novel technologies into telemedicine, such as 5G and blockchain, AI, remote sensing, biometric and voice identification, as well as the association with the COVID-19 pandemic. The insights gained are being used to assist the strategic planning of technological development paths and their potential applications in telemedicine. The analysis results were used to assess the degree of complexity of digital transformation in telemedicine, which led to the development of a technology roadmap.

Keywords: Patent Analysis, Technology Trends, Telemedicine


Shirahada Lab.

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