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Counterproductive Knowledge Behavior in Volunteer Work: Perspectives from the Theory of Planned Behavior and Well-Being Theory

Kunio Shirahada and Zhang Yixin

Journal of Knowledge Management



This study identifies the counterproductive knowledge behavior (CKB) of volunteers in nonprofit organizations and its influencing factors, based on the theories of planned behavior and well-being.

An online survey was used to collect 496 valid responses. A structural equation model was constructed, and the relationships among the constructs were estimated via the maximum likelihood method. To analyze the direct and indirect effects, 2,000 bootstrapping runs were conducted. A Kruskal-Wallis test was also conducted to analyze the relationship between the variables.

A combination of organizational factors and individual attitudes and perceptions can be used to explain CKB. Insecurity about knowledge sharing had the greatest impact on CKB. A competitive organizational norm induced CKB, while a knowledge-sharing organizational norm did not have a significant impact. Further, the more self-determined the volunteer activity was, the more the CKB was suppressed. However, well-being did not have a significant direct effect. Volunteers with high levels of well-being and self-determination had significantly lower levels of insecurity about knowledge sharing compared to those who did not.

Well-being arising from volunteering did not directly suppress CKB. To improve organizational efficiency by reducing CKB, non-profit organization managers should provide intrinsically motivating tasks and interact with the volunteers.

There is a lack of empirical research on CKB in volunteer organizations; therefore, we propose a new approach to knowledge management in volunteer activities.

Shirahada Lab.

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