Muk | Star Award 2023’ from the Global School Foundation


Dr. Md. Mukhlesur Rahman (Shirahada Laboratory PhD graduate, December 2019) received the ‘Star Award 2023’ from the Global School Foundation for his outstanding contribution to University and Career Guidance service, teaching IBDP Theory of Knowledge (TOK), and maintaining School-University liaison. Global School Foundation - headquartered in Singapore, provides world-class education to more than 31000 students from 70+ nationalities through its 35 campuses spread across 10 different countries. Dr. Mukhlesur serves at the Global Indian International School, Tokyo campus under the Global School Foundation. Shirahada Laboratory is proud of him and congratulates him on his success.

Photo, made by DALL-E Mukさんには髭がないのですが,ひげが出力され,それが消えませんでした.失礼.

Shirahada Lab.

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