Toward developing a research agenda for green service innovation: views from serviceology

Kunio Shirahada, Masanori Fujioka, Mari Inoki, Yukihiro Misawa, Hisashi Murata,

Naoshi Uchihira, Hayato Usuda, and Yusuke Kishita

EcoSummit, June 15-16th, 2023. (Poster presentation, peer reviewed)

Serviceology views the actors’ behavior in social and economic systems as a process of creating value through the integration of resources (including artifacts, natural resources, and knowledge/skills). Considering a global environmental sustainability from the perspective of serviceology encourages actors to reconsider what are the unique resources existing in the system of economy, society, and ecology, and how to integrate them to promote harmonious development of three systems.

Based on the background, we defined “green service innovation” as the creation and implementation of new ideas and models for environmental sustainability from serviceology and developed a platform for stakeholder dialogue in April 2022 as a SIG (Green Service Innovation-SIG) of the Society for Serviceology, Japan. The SIG has three perspectives: service frameworks (e.g., Circular Economy: CE as a service business framework), service technologies (e.g., digital nudges to promote environmentally friendly consumption), and service philosophy (e.g., value co-creation framework including natural ecosystems). Currently, 12 members from industry and academia are participating. We have held lectures by three pioneering Japanese companies practicing CE and circular design and discussed issues and possibilities of CE business from a serviceology perspective. After each lecture, members shared their insights with each other as well as conducting some workshops.

 Through the SIG work, we have found research questions for addressing environmental sustainability such as “what role do institutional actors need to play for industrial actors to accelerate CE and the cooperation among companies?”, “what changes in consumer behavior are CE products actually bringing about?”, and so on. At the same time, we found a need for transformation in research areas in serviceology, such as Product-Service-System, requirements engineering, and consumer behavior. In our presentation, we report on these details and propose a research and practical agenda from serviceology toward the integration of society, economy, and ecology.

Key: Green service innovation, circular economy, serviceology, value co-creation






Shirahada Lab.

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