Prof. Vargoとの懇談

既に終了しましたが,Global Conference on Creating Value@Kanazawaの開催前日の2022年9月1日に,基調講演者でService Dominant Logicで著名なSteve Vargo教授がJAISTを訪問されました.遠路はるばるお越しいただき感謝するとともに,本年度からスタートしたTransformative Knowledge Management領域に関する小職の説明に深く耳を傾けていただき,何となく氏への印象が変わりました.もちろん,サービス研究の第一人者ですが,それ以上のものを感じました.今後の良い関係を築いていければと思っています.

Although the conference has already ended, the day before the Global Conference on Creating Value@Kanazawa, the keynote speaker, Professor Steve Vargo, who is famous for Service Dominant Logic, paid a visit to JAIST. We are grateful to him for coming all the way from US., and he listened deeply to my explanation about the Transformative Knowledge Management area that we have started this year. Of course, he is a leading expert in service research, but I felt that there was more to him than that. I hope to build a good relationship with him in the future.

Shirahada Lab.

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