Springer book chapter


Shirahada, K. (2021), “Service Sustainability Paradigm as a Basis for Transformative Service Society”, in Elias, N.F., Jenal, R., Amin, H.M., Mohamed, H. and Siti Aishah, H. (Eds.), Service Excellence for Sustainability, Springer Singapore, pp. 29–35.


This chapter reviews the progress of service research to date and points out that the current research paradigm of service studies is based on “the new institutional co-creation paradigm”. This current research paradigm should be modified to understand the future service economy and society which will be developed in the context of wellbeing, sustainability, and digitalization. Based on this background, this chapter proposes the concept of service capital as a meta capital to keep and improve accessibility to sustainability-related capitals such as environmental, economic, social one and so on. In addition, three additional perspectives necessary for the next-generation service research paradigm are also discussed; (i) the explanatory framework which maintains the diversity in the institution and the effect of digitization, (ii) understanding the other rationality standards of co-creation, and (iii) research framework for the involvement of actors in a natural ecosystem.



Shirahada Lab.

北陸先端科学技術大学院大学 知識科学系 白肌研究室 Well-being志向のサービス学 Transformative Service Research (TSR)を推進.