Foresight and STI Governance

村田さんの研究論文が,Foresight and STI Governance誌に採録決定しました.


Murata H., Nakamura K., Shirahadа K. (2021)

Knowledge Co-creation Roadmapping for Future Industrial

Visions: Case Study of Smart Infrastructure. Foresight and STI

Governance, 15(2), 52–64. DOI: 10.17323/2500-2597.2021.2.52.64



This paper proposes a knowledge co-creation roadmapping method to promote knowledge creation for members of competing firms with the aim of co-creatively envisioning the future of the industry. The proposed method is based on theoretical background of technology roadmapping and organizational knowledge creation theory. Its main features are (i) sharing thoughts and feelings, (ii) knowledge acquisition and common experience in the field, (iii) creating a roadmapping with acquired knowledge, and (iv) report preparation. We put our method into practice with the subcommittee of the Engineering Advancement Association of Japan, an industry organization consisting of 17 members from 15 companies related to infrastructure design, construction, and maintenance, and set the subject as “Future of Smart Social Infrastructure”, a theme involving multiple stakeholders. From the viewpoints of our evaluation of the effectiveness of the idea creation and satisfaction with the deliverable, the members found a possible future that the overall optimization of business operations in the construction of social infrastructure could be achieved by eliminating communication constraints at the construction site. The members also found that the optimization of data utilization and servicing in the operation and maintenance of social infrastructure could be achieved through the use of a cloud-based platform. We were able to draw up a vision of smart technology on the basis of the insights gained through the roadmapping activities. These results demonstrate the effectiveness of our method in terms of acquiring knowledge that could not be obtained by our own company or industry organization alone, as well as its effectiveness in mapping the acquired knowledge. The proposed method has value as a communication tool to promote the discussion of a technology-driven future with multiple stakeholders.


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