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Online Public Services Usage and the Elderly: Assessing Determinants of Technology Readiness in Japan and the UK

By Kunio Shirahada, Ho Quang Bach, and Alan Wilson

Journal: Technology in Society

The aim of this study is to identify the impact of the personal beliefs of the elderly on their attitude toward using online public services. To test hypotheses regarding the determinants and background of technology readiness, questionnaires were administered to the elderly in Japan and in the UK, countries with a well-developed online public services infrastructure and an aging population. After structural equation modelling analysis, the research identified that aging satisfaction is the strongest factor in terms of influencing online public services usage, and this is developed through social interaction. Additionally, the research identified similarities and differences stemming from the cultural background of the respondents regarding their fear of using ICT. Our findings contribute to an understanding of the elderly’s personal beliefs in terms of online technology usage and relevant social support, which may pave the way for determining an elderly-friendly social policy for diffusing new technology and services.

Keywords: technology readiness; online public services; structural equation modelling analysis; the elderly; Japan; UK

Received at Editorial Office: 24 Jul 2018

Article revised: 18 Feb 2019

Article accepted for publication: 24 Feb 2019

Shirahada Lab.

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