On November 27th, 2019, Mr. Murata attended Ecodesign conference and made a presentation titled "Roadmapping for the Future Smart Infrastructure in Engineering Industries" in the sustainability, SDGs and roadmapping organized session. Since the conference is about sustainability management and science, the session purpose was to discuss how roadmapping can work for sustainability. Backcasting approach, multi-dimensional (logic, business domain, time) thinking, political action, and integration of roadmapping related tools should be needed. In addition, we should consider more  on the effectiveness of roadmapping as a validation criteia.


On November 24th, the 2ND SERVICE SCIENCE SYMPOSIUM was held in University Utala Malaysia (City of Alor Setar). Dr. Kunio Shirahada gave a keynote talk titled "Service Sustainability n Wellbeing Economy and Society." In the talk, he explained the need for considering service paradigm+ under the Well-being oriented economy and society. To consider the paradigm+, sustainability mindset is the key. In addition, he suggested service should be a meta capital to realize sustainability referring main sustainability topics. In addition, to reveal the secret of service sustainability, he proposed a new research approach by combining actor network theory and fieldwork which is useful to Identify which parts are not sustainable and which parts need service as a meta-capital.

The results of collaborative work with Dr. Belal and Malaysian University scholars were published in the International Journal of Services and Operations Management as follows.

Belal, H.M., Othman, S.N., Zaidi, M.F.A., and Shirahada.K. (2019) "Collaboration impact on social well-being for business sustainability: a case study of a Malaysian water treatment SME company" International Journal of Services and Operations Management, 34(3), pp.385-404.

ベラル博士とマレーシアの大学教員との共同研究成果がInternational Journal of Services and Operations Management誌に論文掲載されました.

Muk's final defense took place on October 30th, 2019. The main objective of the study is to develop an integrated archive management framework for increasing archival value. To achieve this goal he 1) reviewed different management strategies used in archive services, 2) identified the factors of value co-creation in existing archive management framework, and 3) developed an integrated archive management framework incorporating value co-creation strategy. After 45 minutes presentation, we did 75 minutes QA session. Finally, he passed the final exam. Good for you, Muk Congratulations!

Lab study camp took place in Okinawa during September 27th - 29th, 2019. On the study camp, we aimed to deeply understand service ecosystem, actor institution matrix, and value co-creation through doing field work and photo KJ method workshop. Students were divided into four groups; Okinawa honey bees project ecosystem, Okinawa traditional liquor "Awamori" production ecosystem, Okinawa Makishi market ecosystem, and Okinawa traditional pottery "Yachimun" production ecosystem. Thanks to Ishikawa M1 students and Shinagawa student, we had opportunities to have interview to practitioners in each topics, thereby improving final outputs. 

The Phd preliminary defense took place in September 10th, 2019 too. Dr. RAHMAN, Md Mukhlesur who already got his PhD in library information at University of Dhaka made a presentation titled "Co-creating values in archival resources: issues and strategy of archive management in Japan." For reviewers including external one gave us very important and insightful comments and questions. Dr. Muk need to do his best to revise in line with the comments,,, it should be tough journey for us. But we can do it, never giveup!