The results of collaborative work with Dr. Belal and Malaysian University scholars were published in the International Journal of Services and Operations Management as follows.

Belal, H.M., Othman, S.N., Zaidi, M.F.A., and Shirahada.K. (2019) "Collaboration impact on social well-being for business sustainability: a case study of a Malaysian water treatment SME company" International Journal of Services and Operations Management, 34(3), pp.385-404.

ベラル博士とマレーシアの大学教員との共同研究成果がInternational Journal of Services and Operations Management誌に論文掲載されました.

Muk's final defense took place on October 30th, 2019. The main objective of the study is to develop an integrated archive management framework for increasing archival value. To achieve this goal he 1) reviewed different management strategies used in archive services, 2) identified the factors of value co-creation in existing archive management framework, and 3) developed an integrated archive management framework incorporating value co-creation strategy. After 45 minutes presentation, we did 75 minutes QA session. Finally, he passed the final exam. Good for you, Muk Congratulations!

Lab study camp took place in Okinawa during September 27th - 29th, 2019. On the study camp, we aimed to deeply understand service ecosystem, actor institution matrix, and value co-creation through doing field work and photo KJ method workshop. Students were divided into four groups; Okinawa honey bees project ecosystem, Okinawa traditional liquor "Awamori" production ecosystem, Okinawa Makishi market ecosystem, and Okinawa traditional pottery "Yachimun" production ecosystem. Thanks to Ishikawa M1 students and Shinagawa student, we had opportunities to have interview to practitioners in each topics, thereby improving final outputs. 

The Phd preliminary defense took place in September 10th, 2019 too. Dr. RAHMAN, Md Mukhlesur who already got his PhD in library information at University of Dhaka made a presentation titled "Co-creating values in archival resources: issues and strategy of archive management in Japan." For reviewers including external one gave us very important and insightful comments and questions. Dr. Muk need to do his best to revise in line with the comments,,, it should be tough journey for us. But we can do it, never giveup!

July 15th-17th, 2019, Dr. Kunio Shirahada visited to the University of Cambridge to have a meeting about technology roadmapping and servitization management. Dr. Robert Phaal will come to JAIST Shinagawa satellite and give us a lecture on strategic roadmapping in this september. In addition to this, I have discussed future research collaboration with Dr. Zaki, Deputy Director of Cambridge Service Alliance about service business innovation including servitization. After that, Dr. Shirahada move to Liverpool to meet/have discussion with Dr. HM Belal, senior lecturere of Liverpool business school (Dr. Belal is a graduate of Shirahada lab) and other faculties. Dr. Shirahada did one hour research presentation and share directions of future research topics.

Associate Prof. Kunio Shirahada visited Karlstad university, Sweden during June 10th to 13th, 2019. The main purpose was to talk about future research topic in next two years and to join QUIS16. He had a great meeting with Prof. Per Skalen. In the QUIS16, he exchanged ideas with Prof. Fisk and Prof. Sebhatu about service sustainability.

On May 16th, we invite two outstanding researchers (Prof. Dejan Krizaj and Dr. Bach Ho) and hold a seminar as follows.

Place: Collaboration room 3

1. 15:00-15:50

     Tourism innovation and 5* experiences in Slovenia, and beyond

     Prof. Dejan Krizaj (University of Primorska, Slovenia)

2. 16:00-16:40

     Tourism for social well-being

     Dr. Bach Ho (University of Tokyo)

3. 16:40-17:05

     Leadership across regional knowledge boundary

     Ryosuke Sakaguchi (JAIST)

4. 17:05-17:30

     Revitalization of Imabari Shopping Street

     Miwa Ochi (JAIST)

4. 17:30-18:00

     The role of post-retirement service jobs in the well-being: case of volunteer tourism

     Prof. Kunio Shirahada (JAIST)

5. 18:00-18:30

     Wrap up




PICMET国際活動の一環として,PICMET-Japan(日本チャプター)が主催する「技術経営を広い立場から議論し,かつ,気軽に親睦を深められる」第15回国内Meeting を,6月29日(土曜日)午後1時から東大駒場キャンパスのファカルティー・ハウスで『xTechを拓く技術経営戦略』をテーマに開催いたします.1時から4時30分までの講演・議論,引き続いて,6時まで懇親立食パーティーを行う予定です.



第15回PICMET Japan Vision Meetingでは,このような「情報通信インフラ」,「ソフト」,「ハードネットワーク」における技術革新がもたらす潜在事業機会を象徴するxTech(クロステック)について「日本の技術系企業が躍進していくためのポイントは何か?」をイノベーション戦略の視点から考えたいと思います.


  • どのような知を両利きの対象にする必要があるのか?


  • スピード感を持ったまま,どう両利きにしていくのか?


  • 得られた知を事業化するモデルは何か?




Ms. Shimizu and our lab students will hold a research seminar on May 13th at JAIST Tokyo satellite.

Research directions on innovation tourism

(tentative schedule)

18:30   Introduction, Nakamura (JAIST P.lecturer)

18:45   Introduction, Shimizu (JAIST student)

19:00   Lecture, Prof. Krizaj

20:00   Hanamachi cultural tourism, Nakahara

20:10   Tourism risk management, Dr. Sugiyama

20:25   others

20:55   Wrap up